MoveBG BulletIN June, 2014: One Minute for Media Freedom

Dear friends,

Our second monthly BulletIN is coming out to mark the end of a very dynamic for MoveBG - and for Bulgaria month. Recently, our focus has centered around the ’European Citizens’ Initiative for Media Pluralism,’ problems in the media in Bulgaria and what the solutions could be. 

In recent years, the trend towards the deterioration of the media environment in Bulgaria has eroded the level of pluralism, freedom, independence, ethics and the objectivity of the media today is critically low. This harms democracy in Bulgaria and affects the rights and ability of its citizens to make autonomous, informed and appropriate choices for themselves. We are left as witnesses as we watch how harmful it has been in the past year as the media of certain organizations create parallel realities in the country, and in recent weeks have shown us how they can destroy businesses or banks, and sow panic through deliberate media attacks.  

All of this shows how important the media, and media pluralism is for democracy, and for the prosperity of a nation. This is why MoveBG supports the ‘European Citizens’ Initiative for Media Pluralism’ and sees it as an opportunity for citizens to unite for the good of our common shared future. The initiative aims to force European Institutions to take measures to improve the media environment in Europe – including Bulgaria. To do this we all need to collect 1 million signatures from European citizens. This depends on all of us, so let’s do it!

This initiative is a good occasion to talk about the problems in Bulgarian media and to find consensus and common solutions, then implement them together. MoveBG has taken on the task to help this happen. Also in this bulletin we will introduce you to other areas we are working in and how you can get involved. 

Because together we move Bulgaria!

Sasha Bezuhanova



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