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News 16 June, Sasha Bezuhanova

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InnovationShip Bulgaria | Digital

Solutions for Bulgaria: Digital 18 November 2016, МOVE.BG

Effects of Brexit on the freedom of movement for citizens of the European Union living in the UK

“You Move Europe” 12 July 2016, Yva Alexandrova

Old Sofia comes to life and tells its history

My Bulgarian History 3 October 2016, МOVE.BG
Stroll around Old Sofia with “My Bulgarian history” virtual historical map

We present the book “Law and Order: Justice in Five Steps”

Law and order: Justice in Five Steps 11 July 2016, МOVE.BG
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"Why are you here?" - Angela Rodel

"Why are you here?" - Angela Rodel

Do you think Bulgarians are friendly?

Evenings for Dreamers - International Women's Day in Bulgaria

Stana Iliev and her activism in Bulgaria

Evenings for Dreamers - International Women's Day in Bulgaria, vol. 17

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freedom justice responsibility transparency growth acting together love
freedom justice responsibility transparency
growth acting together love

"The path without a direction and shared values for us, the Bulgarians, belongs to the past. MOVE.BG creates an environment for developing our potential as individuals and society, for asserting a new type of leadership and responsibility, for defining the vision and the priorities for a better future of Bulgaria."

-- Dimitar Dimitrov

"I do believe in love and goodness. I think that such forces can change people and environment. In MOVE.BG there is so much from both that it is enough to change throughout Bulgaria, and perhaps further more. That's why I'm here."

-- Rebeca Osses

"MOVE.BG is a part of the spine of civil society; together with other great initiatives it gives you the reassurance that you will never be alone in your work for improving our society."

-- Alexander Naydenov, United Ideas for Bulgaria

"MOVE.BG is the concentrated energy of active people in Bulgaria."

-- Vyara Savova, Sofia Legal Hackers

"For me, MOVE.BG illustrates the fight for justice and an adequate judicial reform. Their team is a balanced mechanism of professionals with different interests and professions, and this invariably sustains an environment for creation and good ideas."

-- George Merdzhanov, Young Society for Peace and Development of the Balkans

“My involvement in MOVE.BG is an experience. After June 14th, I have witnessed something totally new, unexpected and interesting to me. What is happening in Bulgaria is part of a global wave where expertly-virtual and real merge. Time will tell whether we exaggerate the possibilities for politics without the party apparatus."

-- Tihomir Bezlov

“Today, all ruins that surround us are long forgotten ideas from the past. It is the ideas that unite us and we realize together that will be our legacy for the future”

-- Galin Popov

"The meaningful discussions about our country's future taking place on MOVE.BG inspire me. I hope that this is just the first step to improving our way of life through community engagement."

-- Ivan Evtimov

"For me, MOVE.BG is a place of inspiration. I always come here with the confidence that I will find the support and trust of active and awaken people which never stop creating and seeking new opportunities for realizing their ideas. Finding supporters and followers is a precious thing and MOVE.BG does exactly this – getting the right people together at the right time."

-- Ekaterina Stoyanova, Taratanci

“MOVE.BG for me is a roundtable dialogue where all participant speak the same language: having a conversation that leads to action. Action is change, and this change depends on us”

-- Margreta Kostadinova

„The biggest problem that our country is facing is that the majority of Bulgarians are excluded and do not participate in public life. MOVE.BG is a platform for inclusion and does great good for Bulgaria.“

-- Dimo Gospodinov

“I believe in and fight for the development of several areas in the country: active citizenship, sustainable development, and improving the capacity of young people so that they can work towards a better future. This cannot be achieved alone. So I am part of MOVE.BG”

-- Nora Stefanova

"BG unites the passion and inspiration for change with active citizens and their dreams."

-- Desislava Hristova

"One of my previous projects was an online platform that aimed to unite citizens and active civil organisations. During this time I learned what a complicated task it is to make two organisations cooperate, not to mention more… This is precisely what impressed me the most in MOVE.BG – their capacity to see the intersection points between us, and then unite us around them."

-- Georgi Ivanov, Enhancv

"BG is the example which brings us the confidence we need to achieve great things."

-- Alexander Hinkov,

"I chose to be part of MOVE.BG because the Horn of plenty is poured over our country and we just have to stop wasting and begin to manage this abundance. Moreover, in the 21st century, people need to learn and be smart and resourceful. Also because in order to make something happen, you have to get involved.”

-- Dragomir Konstantinov

“I chose to be part of MOVE.BG because I want to support a platform that, via debate, allows transformation of the constructive civic energy into solutions to the most important problems Bulgaria faces today. I believe that Bulgaria can identify on its own the ways to grow as society, economy and shared moral values”

-- Kiril Petkov

"In Bulgaria we need more and more contemporary agoras, where political discussions, exchange of ideas and the consolidation of civil society can take place. To me MOVE.BG is one such contemporary agora."

-- Liliya Elenkova, ISIC Bulgaria

"The prosperous future of Bulgaria is our common task, and today it seems easily solvable with the combined intellect and contribution of each of us in service of this cause.

-- Sasha Bezuhanova

"MOVE.BG is the best place for active and thinking people who want to take part in the finding of solutions in Bulgarian society. I support MOVE.BG, because it is a great forum, where citizens can participate in public debate on important topics related to our development as a community in moral and economic terms."

-- Simeon Prusiyski, StartUP Masters

"Active civil participation should be developed and supported for us to meet the challenges Bulgaria is facing. Whatever happens, whatever we deal with we will give our best. I believe in MOVE.BG."

-- Veneta Radeva, NAVA

"We are at a historic juncture for the country, a time of awakening and union, which will determine the progress of our values as a nation for the next decades. A moment, when citizens actively reclaim our country from the oligarchy. At this time, everyone's participation is a responsibility to our own lives and the next generations."

-- Assen Assenov, Board Member

"We live in a very exciting time – today we have all that is needed to create and grow in all aspects of life, if we put our heads to it and find fellows to do it with. I do believe that Bulgaria has non-developed potentials and talents and MOVE.BG is the platform through which we can work towards this. I also believe that we are from the fortunate generations that will live well as it all depends on us!"

-- Evelina Prodanova

"MOVE.BG  is a powerful driver for change. I love change because it makes me feel alive. I do not always like it, but I love life."

-- Alexandrina Petrova

"I support MOVE.BG, because I believe that only through common action and active civil society we can make Bulgaria a better place. Together we are making a change."

-- Mila Natudova, Tuk-Tam

“I know I’ll always burn to be the one who seeks, so I may find. Moving forward is the most valuable power of man. MOVE.BG is the tool which will drive Bulgaria forward. I always knew I am a mover.”

-- Ivan Bondokov

“In our cybernetic world personal well-being is inevitably linked to the prosperity of the surroundings. For me MOVE.BG realizes this connection in its role of an inclusive process for sustainable change.”

-- Mira Dobreva

“I am taking part in the platform MOVE.BG, because I believe that change does not happen on its own, but we make it happen—all of us who want it. Together."

-- Yana Buhrer Tavanier

"I support MOVE.BG because I believe in the future of Bulgaria and want to be a part of its change."

-- Rene Traichova, Initiative for Social Empowerment

"I totally share the values of MOVE.BG. I believe that Bulgaria needs freedom, fairness and transparency. I am convinced that only through joint action and common responsibility we could achieve the much needed development of the country we all love. It is a pleasure for me to take part in the initiatives of MOVE.BG and I consider them a very good partner in our work."

-- Boyko Rashev, PR, Information bureau of the European Parliament

"I participate in the MOVE.BG platform because I believe it will get the intelligent, capable and honest people together to formulate concrete policies and actions to get us out of the current political, social and moral crisis. Let’s bring Bulgaria back to the people who want to live and work with dignity here. The future of our children depends on our actions today!"

-- Nikolay Denkov

"I'm tired of “carrying water to the sea” by practicing my profession. My greatest professional strength - my professional integrity - is presently highly undervalued, and has been deprived from the opportunity to produce added value to society. I know that I am not the only one pushed by the system to this semi-meaningless professional existence, which motivates me to work for the return of the meaning, joy, pride and job satisfaction of the many like me. Because Bulgaria really can! "

-- Stefan Kuchukov

“For Bulgaria to go forward an educated and well-informed society is needed, a society that can realize the potential it has and to materialize it into something of good quality. I think that MOVE.BG puts the foundation needed for such a society.”

-- Venko Dobrev, "The young successful Bulgarians”

“I support the MOVE.BG platform because I believe that when values, ideas and efforts are shared, goals are easier to be reached. I would like more people to recognize themselves as part of a cohesive community, overcoming individual”

-- Veronika Nikolova

"To me MOVE.BG is a belief. A belief in the future, in people and in the change of the world and our country. MOVE.BG is the exact definition of ‘Unity makes strength’ and to me it is also a weapon against non-believers and pessimists, those who claim that there is no hope for our country."

-- Gabriela Popova, а participant in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

"The team of MOVE.BG and their whole-hearted work are an illustration of what we call patriotism, or in other words taking personal responsibility on the long and hard way towards change. With each and every action the energetic team proves that the potential of young people in Bulgaria is inexhaustible, which makes us believe that tomorrow things will certainly be better than they are today."

-- Mario Mishev, “Bulgarian History”